NEA Fiber Arts Participation Methodology Note

This methodology note comments on the posting regarding growth in fiber arts participation.

Hart notes there was one methodology change to the fiber arts group definition in 2012 that likely did not affect participation rates in the group: The NEA added knitting to “weaving, crocheting, quilting, needlepoint, or sewing.”  Hart analysis indicates this did not affect participation rates because the group of adults doing weaving, crocheting, quilting, needlepoint, or sewing already includes nearly all the knitters since so many knitters also do at least one of the other fiber arts. The Craft and Hobby Association Attitude & Usage Study data for the year ending 3/31/2011 shows the average fiber arts (“needle craft” in CHA terminology) participant does 1.6 different fiber arts, as calculated by Hart Business Research. For example, for knitters 48% also crocheted, 25% or more also sewed, and 21% quilted.