Sewing and Quilting

Tailor Made, by Boris Thaser
Tailor Made, by Boris Thaser

Sewing and quilting include sewing of clothes and costumes, bags and purses, home decor, and crafts; tailoring; embellishing; and machine embroidery.

Hart Studies
  • Sewing in America 2016 This study includes the results of a survey of more than 15,000 sewing enthusiasts and a national omnibus survey to establish participation rates and demographics. Topics include types of sewing projects, pattern sources, fabrics, fabric and sewing machine purchase habits, social media use, learning sources, spending on supplies, spending per retail type, and market size and growth.
  • Sewing in America 2005
Other Studies
  • Quilting in America 2014  This study includes the results of surveys of quilting enthusiasts and participants. (Hart notes the stated market size is too large.)
  • No other study of the sewing market has been done since 2005.